In 2022, what are the benefits of utilizing a game aggregator?

There are presently over 20,000 games developed by over 400 gaming studios, according to the game directory Slot Calatog. Although smaller brand may obtain a new client, top-tier players will pause before entering a direct contract with a new brand or operator.

Thousands of casino games available from one location. Typically, game aggregators form relationships with the most popular game suppliers, large or small, on the market. They are constantly expanding their offerings in response to shifting market conditions and industry trends.

API integration performed on a one-off basis. Operators must spend technological resources to integrating a single API in order to acquire access to hundreds of casino games. This saves hundreds (if not thousands) of hours associated with contracting directly with game studios and all future integrations, not to mention the ongoing technical support associated with those integrations.

Conditions favorable. At any given moment, aggregators work with dozens, if not hundreds, of casino operators. Due of their large volume, they are able to negotiate reduced prices with gaming developers and avoid costly setup costs from well-known firms. While Game Aggregators demand a premium for their monthly fees, the resulting prices for casino operators are comparable to, if not more so, than dealing directly with game suppliers.

There is no effort required to create new material. Because game content aggregators are interested in operators profiting from the games they include, they will keep provider game libraries current. Operators may experiment to see which games perform best with their players, as well as mix and match games to create content that is tailored to their users' preferences.

Support centre consolidated. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a Game Aggregator offers operators with a single point of contact for resolving any and all game content-related difficulties. The Game Aggregator's account and development teams assist with each phase of integration and give continuing technical support at a high level of competence, simplifying resource and stakeholder management. Aggregator teams will monitor log files from game providers, issue queries to game providers, and maintain any and all technological intricacies associated with each game provider.

Numerous promotional programs are conducted on a month-to-month basis. Vendors of online casino games are always striving for prominent places. That is why Aggregator clients benefit from several vendor advertising efforts aimed at attracting and engaging gamers. Casino operators may take advantage of promotions like as tournaments with a prize pool paid by the game studio multiple times a month. As a single point of entry for all promotional efforts, the Game Aggregator keeps operators informed of new offers from game providers, assisting them in navigating and selecting the best promotions.

CLOTGAMING is the industry leader in terms of Game Aggregators. Our portfolio includes over 150 of the industry's leading casino game manufacturers, offering over 11,000 mobile-friendly and multilingual games with a single API interface. The CLOTGAMING Game Aggregator staff is available to consult with and support operators with any casino gaming content-related difficulties.

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